Natural clean Biological cleaning detergents with microorganisms
Microorganismfind and break down organic materials like
urine, proteins, carbohydrates, proteins, cellulose, and fatty substances.

Unique composition ensures an extremely efficient operation
because the product works with five different strains of microorganisms.





Natural microorganisms and enzymes


Each strain of microorganisms are highly specialized and are designed to break down a specific type of organic matter.
That’s why Natural Clean Biological cleaning detergents is so effective since it contains 5 different strains.
This ensures degradation of all common organic materials that cause odors.

Microorganisms divide approximately every 20 minutes and so the process goes faster and faster until all organic material is broken down.
The microorganisms is living on the organic material by penetration made possible by the enzymes produced during reproduction.
When there is no more organic material left there is no more food for the microorganisms and therefore they die after having completed the job
of removing the source of the bad smell. That is exactly what is happening around us all the time.

The difference is that we have selected just the natural microorganisms that want to eat the organic material
we want to break down and get a waste product that is carbon dioxide and water
instead of that during the natural decomposition process produces unpleasant odors.

Natural microorganisms in cleaning products - part of a sustainable environment:
Microorganisms is found in all biological systems.
They originated from natural systems and when they break down, they turn back to nature without any damage to the environment.


  • Works with the 5 strains of microorganisms.
  • Also cleanin depth.
  • Removes organic material and stains.
  • Allergen-controlled.
  • Harmless to the environment, peoplea nd animals.
  • Providesn o stains.
  • Can be sprayed on all that is water resistant.
  • Made in Sweden.


Do not mix Natural Clean Biological cleaning detergents with other chemicals and drugs as they can break down microorganisms in the product.